How should I care for my Ophena Magnetic Stirrups?

Simon Geldner Updated by Simon Geldner

To take care of the stirrups you can check the following points:

  • Clean stainless steel parts with a damp sponge or cloth and polish them with a microfiber towel, if desired.

  • Remove small metal parts from the tread by dragging them to the side away from the tread’s center, where the magnetic forces are the strongest. The tread is designed flat to make this process as easy as possible.
You can also purchase our Stirrup Cleaning Kit!

Generally, please also take care of the following:
  • Keep your stirrups away from salt water.
  • Do not attach the insoles directly onto the stirrups.

  • Avoid that the insoles get magnetically attached to each other
  • Do not drop the stirrups

We also recommend to avoid getting them wet or letting the dry completely if you do happen to be in contact with water.

You can find other advice in our owners guide.

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