I'm afraid of falling out on the open side. Is that a risk?

Simon Geldner Updated by Simon Geldner

The risk of losing your Ophena magnetic stirrups is very low. Actually, it is much lower than with most other stirrups, even though it is open on the side. The main reason is that the magnetic stirrups system holds your feet in place. On top of that, both Ophena S and Ophena S Pro have a "foot-stopper" integrated into their design. It's very slim, but prohibits your feet from slipping out in the rare case in which you'd slip sideways despite the magnetic field.

But What If? 

This is where Ophena's magnetic stirrups help you in four ways:

  1. It has a good weight, which will avoid it from flying around (as it is the case with many plastic / composite stirrups). This actually gives you the chance of getting it back faster.
  2. This weight is focused to a low and central point. In other words, our magnetic stirrups will stay comparably still and balanced even while your horse is preparing for the next jump.
  3. Its open design now comes in handy: You don't have to target the tiny space like with other stirrups and instead just step back into it.
  4. The magnetic field will help you get back in. It will actually start attracting your boots once you get close and help you get back into your perfect position.

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