How do I assemble the Twister?

Simon Geldner Updated by Simon Geldner

Inserting the silicone piece (Twister™) into the Ophena A is straightforward. No tools needed.

Watch the video or follow instructions below.

  1. Take one of the stirrups and one of the Twisters. The left and right stirrups are different and marked as such. The Twister is the same for each stirrup. Each end of the Twister is marked with "UP" or "DOWN".
  2. Hold the Twister next to the stirrup's open side and rotate it 90°. Make sure that the "UP" mark is facing upwards.
  3. Keep the Twister at the same 90° angle and carefully push the "DOWN" end into the stirrup. Note that the Twister's shape matches the hole. No force is required.
  4. Now prepare to insert the Twister's upper part (marked with "UP"). Make sure that the Twister is still at the same 90° angle.
  5. Now, without much force, insert the Twister into the upper part of the stirrup. The shape of Twister and stirrup cavity again fit perfectly. 
  6. Rotate the Twister back 90° to align it with the stirrup in its final position.
    Repeat for the other stirrup.

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