Why Ophena is the Safer Option.

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The Risk

One of the biggest risks while riding is to get caught in the stirrup. This risk is particularly present when the horse does unexpected movements, slips or falls. It is more likely to happen when the grip on your stirrup is bad or it is slippery because it's wet.

Many riders switch to Ophena safety stirrups after experiencing such dangerous situations themselves, or seeing other riders getting severely injured. From head injuries to broken ribs, legs, knees - the message is clear. Safety stirrups are essential. Because nobody wants to end up in a situation like this:

Safety Stirrups

When we started the development of the Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups, we had the goal to create the safest stirrup on the market. We investigated countless other options and created hundreds of prototypes until we arrived at the final and current design. Over the course of the development we talked to hundreds of riders and formed our opinion: Many "safety stirrups" are not safe, because many "safety mechanisms" are prone to fail.

The Ophena Magnetic Safety Stirrup

So we decided to open the stirrup on one side and give it round shapes to minimize the risk of getting caught. We also developed a unique magnetic system to improve your balance and grip - regardless of the whether condition. For additional stability we added a small footstopper on the outer side.

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