Everything on Smart Attach™, Ophena's Stirrup Attachment System.

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Ophena’s patented double-arm architecture with Smart Attach™ locking mechanism allows the magnetic stirrups to be attached and detached quicker than ever before. There is no need to fully remove the stirrup leather from the saddle since the metal buckle can fit through the opening of the arms.

This provides several advantages:

  • It saves time,
  • makes it easy to transfer Ophena stirrups in between different saddles,
  • keeps the stirrup leather to the saddle, and thereby
  • preserves the stirrup leather, and
  • preserves the saddle.

The Smart Attach system™ works with any common stirrup leather. And it will lock itself against the saddle.

Assembly - Step by Step

  1. Pass the stirrup leather's metal buckle through the stirrup's double-arm.
  2. Carefully guide the stirrup leather upwards through the gap in the small rib.
  3. Now the stirrup leather is in the correct place. Buckle it as usual.
  4. DONE.
If you need, the Ophena stirrups can also be run up and stored at the saddle.

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