Ophena's Magnetic System and its Benefits

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When you order one of our magnetic safety stirrups (Ophena S or Ophena S Pro), you will get a pair of our magnetic insoles included. You simply put them into your riding boots and can enjoy the magnetic connection.

Ophena Stirrups + Ophena Insoles = Soft Magnetic Connection

Ophena's unique magnetic system provides several advantages: It

  • decreases the risk of losing the stirrups,
  • makes the stirrup follow your feet, particularly during jumps,
  • helps you keep the right foot position,
  • gives additional grip in any weather,
  • lets you escape safely in case of a fall.

If you ask riders who use the Ophena magnetic stirrups what it is like, they'll often have a hard time describing the exact feeling with words. They report better balance, as well as a feeling of higher confidence and safety. 

Since the magnets hold the stirrup to your boots, you don't need to worry about applying a permanent force on your stirrups. Riders often describe this feeling as “soft” and “relaxing” because they can relax their legs and feet a little. This relaxation and flexibility also seems to protect your joints, particularly your knees, from micro-impacts that constantly happen during riding.

You can read a lot of opinions in our collection of reviews.

The Magnetic System

The magnetic stirrups system consists of several magnets and steel-plates that together form a magnetic field with several benefits:

  • The magnetic field is reduced below the stirrup, so it is less likely to attach itself to metal, e.g. metal bars in a stable.
  • The field is reduced toward the feet. This minimises a potential magnetic interference between the magnetic insoles and boots with steel toe.
  • Instead the field is focused to where it’s needed - the connection between insole and stirrup.
  • The magnetic field holds the feet centred on the stirrup, although a slight adjustment / rotation of the feet is still possible. 

The strength of the field is about 40N if the boot’s soles are around 14mm thick. Thicker boot soles lead to a lower force and vice versa. 40±5N is a good strength to make the stirrup follow your feet, without having the feeling of being stuck to the stirrup. With other words, you will be able to adjust the foot position while still being connected to the stirrup at all times.

You can get our magnetic insoles in two strength: The default strength (Standard insoles) and a stronger version (Plus insoles). Learn which one to choose here.

Not sure about magnetic stirrups? You can always give them a try with our 60-day Money-back Guarantee. Alternatively, check out our non-magnetic safety stirrups Ophena A.

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