I have still not received my package. When will it arrive?

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You have placed an order some time ago, but have not yet received it?

Please note that some items have longer lead times. Those are stated right above the "add to cart" button and usually as well in the order confirmation email you receive.

Let's check on it:

  1. Have you received an order confirmation email? If not, please check your spam folder and reach out to us - you might have a typo in your email.
  2. Did you pay? We only ship paid orders. If you chose Bank Deposit as a payment method, you need to transfer the money to our account as described in the emails you received.
  3. Have you received an email stating that your order was shipped? If not, please check on the lead times stated in the order confirmation email (see blue box above).
  4. Does the tracking link say that your order is on hold / things don't add up? Please wait a few days, as DHL / UPS etc. usually resolve issues within a short time. Otherwise we recommend you reach out to DHL / UPS directly; you can also contact us, but it's usually quicker if you reach out to the shipping companies directly.

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