What is the difference between Standard and PLUS insoles?

Simon Geldner Updated by Simon Geldner

Our magnetic stirrups always contain the same magnets, but the magnetic strength can be varied by choosing a different insole model as follows:


Our STANDARD version comes with our magnetic safety stirrups by default. It offers just the right magnetic power for most cases: Your stirrups stay at your feet while riding, but still allow you to release them with a simple motion. The vast majority of our customers are perfectly happy with this version.


Our PLUS version is for those who need (or want) a little more adhesion. We usually recommend them to professional riders as well as para riders. They also work great for shoes with thicker soles, to balance out the loss in magnetic power that comes with thicker shoe soles.

Note: The PLUS version is ca. 6mm thick, which is 1mm more than the STANDARD version.

You can order both insole versions here.

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