Are these stirrups shock-absorbant?

Simon Geldner Updated by Simon Geldner

Yes, the Ophena A are shock-absorbant. For maximum comfort and to protect your knees, they even feature two cushioning mechanisms:

1. Flexible design

The aluminium body is flexible. It will flex under high impacts and absorb shocks, e.g. during a landing or after a jump. As a rider you will not actually feel the stirrups flexing under your foot, but it will be better for your knees and joints in general.

2. Cushioning Elements

The stirrups also integrate a soft rubber element between the tread and main body. It is visually hidden so as not to interfere with the design of the stirrup, but it does provide valuable cushioning.


In our tests, riders noticed a difference to other stirrups even though we hadn't told them about the dampening at all. And the first riders already switched from flexible joint stirrups (those are specifically designed to protect the rider's joints) to the Ophena A. That should mean something!

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