Should I alternate between my Ophena magnetic stirrups and my traditional stirrups to not lose habit?

We firmly believe that once you try the Ophena Magnetic Stirrups, you won't want to ride with anything else. The connection between you and your stirrups will be more than magnetic ;)

In case you are worried about the differences in grip and forgetting how to ride with traditional stirrups, you can read this article we have in regards to the differences between magnetic and traditional grip.

Riding involves a lot of muscle memory, and switching between magnetic stirrups and traditional stirrups is not an issue. In fact, since muscle memory can sometimes play tricks, riding with Ophena's safety stirrups can help you by releasing pressure and making you feel more relaxed, which ultimately leads to better balance and an overall better riding experience. Conventional stirrups can't do all of that.

To put it in simple terms: When you ride with Ophena's magnetic stirrups, you won't lose the habit of riding with traditional stirrups. So if you want to switch back (although we don't think so) you can do so at any point without any problems.

Looking for a safe, non-magnetic alternative? Check out our Ophena A!

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