What is the Difference between Ophena S and Ophena T?

Simon Geldner Updated by Simon Geldner

Please note that we are currently reworking the Ophena T. We expect to release an updated Version in the Summer of 2021 - some of the facts below will change... for the better :)

Generally, Ophena S and Ophena T magnetic stirrups work in the same way and have the same features: Open design, magnetic system, Smart Attach™, foot-stop and tilted pad. Both come with a pair of magnetic insoles. 

Here are the main differences:

  • Ophena T is made of titanium, whereas Ophena S is made of stainless steel, which makes Ophena T around 75g lighter. 
  • You will also notice a difference in the design: Ophena T comes with a fully enclosed bottom, while Ophena S utilises high-performance plastics to cover the magnetic system from below. Also, Ophena S has some sleek cuts integrated into its double-arm architecture, whereas Ophena T has fully filled arms - another difference in appearance.
  • The two different models are also available in different colours. Ophena T comes in silver, black and gold, whereas. Ophena S is available in Silver, Rose Temptation and Onyx Black.

The Ophena T is only available in limited amounts and likely one of the most exclusive stirrups available.

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