How durable is the colour of Onyx Black and Rose Temptation?

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Our Ophena S in Onyx Black and Rose Temptation are not painted, but PVD / DLC coated in Sweden.

As for our silver version, they are made of stainless steel, which is then polished to a very fine level.

Our Onyx Black stirrups are then DLC coated in Sweden. DLC stands for diamond-like carbon. During this complex process, which takes place in a vacuum, a carbon layer forms directly on the metal. This technology is also used, for example, to coat the stainless steel bezel of iPhones and premium watches. The carbon layer is very hard and resistant (actually much harder than the steel surface itself).

Our Rose Temptation stirrups are PVD coated in Sweden. The approach is similar to DLC, but here we utilise Titanium Nitride, an extremely hard ceramic material to bond with the Steel.

That said, even coatings as strong as ours can wear in the case of strong impacts with hard materials - however, they are very strong and will not flake off like paint would.

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