When it comes to our magnetic stirrups system, there is nothing to worry about. The magnetic field created by our stirrups is not dangerous - neither you nor your horse will be affected in any way. Some people actually claim a positive effect on your blood flow. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting these claims and therefore the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cracked down on a company for false marketing in 1999. (Here is the the case.)

Anyway, our magnetic safety stirrups and our magnetic insoles all come with a sophisticated magnetic configuration, which focuses the magnetic field to the area where it is need most - that is between the stirrup and the insole. At the same time, it shields your feet from the field. Hope that made sense 🤔.

Long story short: No risk 🙂

But what if...

You have metal implants in your feet, legs or elsewhere?  

Under these circumstances, we cannot give any general advice. Whether there might be any risk depends on several things: 

  • Whether the metal implants are actually magnetic and to what degree (titanium and many steel types are not or barely magnetic). 
  • Where the metals are placed: Your knees are pretty far from our magnetic fields and should not be an issue, whereas your feet are directly on top of the magnetic field.

You have a cardiac pacemaker (PM)?

Again, we are no experts here. Our magnetic field could - like any other magnetic field - potentially pose a risk. And keep in mind that our magnetic system is certainly stronger than fridge magnets or similar. When mounting the horse, your heart might indeed be close to our magnetic stirrups.
If this concerns you, please consult a doctor / specialist. And please let us know about their answer 🙏🙌

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