Generally, you don't 🙌. 

Every pair of our magnetic safety stirrups comes with a pair of magnetic insoles, which you simply slide into your riding boots. Quick and easy. 

You only need to consider that the insoles are around 4.3mm thick. So if you have tight-fit riding boots, it can get a bit tricky. If you have existing insoles inside those boots, we recommend you to replace those with our insoles.

The strength of our magnetic field is dependent on the thickness of your boot-soles. Thin-soled competition boots will give you a stronger connection than thick winter-boots. That said, even with 18mm sole-thickness, you will still have an absolutely sufficient connection.

There are some special cases, that we haven't tested yet: (1) using electrical heating insoles, (2) using shoes with steel toe boots, (3) we can't think of anything else right now 🤔. If there is something else you are wondering, let us know!

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