Does engraving affect my 60-day money back guarantee?

Jessica Marin Updated by Jessica Marin

No, it doesn't. But there is a limitation:

You can still make use of our money-back guarantee, even if you choose to personalize the product and it has been engraved by us. However, the cost of the actual engraving service cannot be refunded.

To give you an example,

if you purchase a pair of Ophena S in silver and add your own engraving, you would pay:

  • 319€ (price of the stirrups) + 39€ (price of the engraving) = 358€

If you decided to return the stirrups within our 60-day money-back guarantee, we would refund only the cost of the stirrups. That means:

We would refund: 319€ (price of the stirrups)

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