You have metal implants in your feet, legs or elsewhere?

Under these circumstances, we cannot give any general or medical advice and highly recommend you to ask a medical professional. Whether there might be any risk depends on several things:

  • Whether the metal implants are actually magnetic and to what degree (titanium and many steel types are not or barely magnetic).
  • Where the metals are placed: Your knees are pretty far from our magnetic fields and should not be an issue, whereas your feet are super close to the magnetic field.

You have a cardiac pacemaker (PM)?

Again, we are no experts here and the following paragraph is no medical advice.

Our magnetic field could - like any other magnetic field - potentially pose a risk. And keep in mind that our magnetic system is certainly stronger than a fridge magnet. When mounting your horse, your heart can indeed get close to our magnetic stirrups.
If this concerns you, please consult a medical professional.

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